July 26, 2007


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Too kewl Joanne Its always a treat to see what you've been up to, love them all!!

Leslie M

Beautiful! I love what you've done with this picture!

Leslie M

Beautiful! I love what you've done with this picture!


wow, Joanne, these are beautiful! your work is really coming along! you could make some altered art collage sheets out of some of the pictures you photoshoped! where is your class with sally jean in sept?


wow these just ROCK!!!!!! awesome work my dear and love that you have learned so much and are putting it to great use!! I esp love the 1st altered image that is my fav I have to say!! love the colors and all you used!!! amazing as always dear!! Hugs Linda

Sue Berry

These are great Joanne, especially the first one - very moody and broody, a bit like me when there's no chocolate in the house! lol Talking about hips and butts, I wonder if that's where my braincells are hiding these days??? Hugs, Sue xxx

Karen Owen

Joanne, these are amazingly beautiful! I love the underwater world you've created in the last one.


Robin Orewiler

Wow - these are awesome. My favorites are #1 and 2. Also, thanks for the beach postcard - I love it.


wow joanne. i absolutely love what you have done. i keep thinking you can't possibly make something i'll like more than what i'm looking at, but then you out do yourself again.


PS ... although I like the tiny mermaid somersaulting through the air too!



What a beautiful column! I love seeing how a single image can evoke such variations and you did a magnificent job. My fave is the 'orange' medieval background with the writing on the column. Absolutely wonderful!



These are amazing - you have taken this to a new level!

Di ;)

Sure glad you were able to put your new skills to use! MUCH more effective than landing on your hips! LOL!


Wow, what a gallery of great work. Each one is mindboggling. You learned some great things in that class. Keep using what you learned so it doesn't go south!

Karen Campbell

Oh Joanne ... these are so fabulous! I love columns ... these are so incredible!


These are amazing. I'd say this did not go to your hips and butt, but to your creative mind and eyes! LOVELY! :) Fran


I'd say you got your money's worth from your class. How wonderful that you can achieve all these different looks from one photo. Judy

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