June 22, 2009


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These are cool! Can you tell I'm reading backwards? I want to ask about the workshop but I see the next post relates to it!

Jo Wholohan

the face in the paintbox is wonderful joanne, isnt dj just the loveliest teacher xx


Lovely! I'm so glad you are using what you learned! Looking forward to spending time with you soon! xo, Fran

Karen Owen

I love these especially the one in the paintbox. Very cool. Saw yesterday that it was hot in Michigan too. I'm thankful that although it gets hot here in Marietta, it's typically not as hot as Birmingham.

Judy Streger

The way you've incorporated the face in the watercolor box is amazing. Talk about "getting bang for your buck."


Joanne, that's beautiful!

rusted wings

I just love the lady in the paintbox!! she is a keeper!!!
xo abigail


Oh Oh Oh...I really love the face in the paintbox

martha brown

Wow -- that painting in the photobox is so cool -- I was looking at it trying to figure out how you painted it before I read your post. Great photoshopping!

Robin Orewiler

Beautiful work, Joanne. My fav is the paintbox face - these colors are awesome. Yes, TN is scorching right now. Sorry you had to experience it.


Wow! These are wonderful... I especiallly love the paintbox woman!


I'm in St. Louis myself this week! :)


Joanne, these are awesome! I especially love the "I Was a Paintbox Harlot" (great name Jean!!) piece - you have taken a hand drawn face to a whole 'nother level by using these digital images!
Oh, and I completely agree with you that 95 degree weather is inhumane!!


Wow lady....I fear what you could do if you sat still very long!!! Awesome digi stuff!


Joanne, I think the paint palette is awesome and one of my favorite photoshop pieces you've done...it would make a great postcard or added to a collage. Great Job on both! Enjoy your time and don't melt!

Catherine Warner

Once again you have surpassed the original with your talent and cleverness... Looks great.. and I'm hardly unpacked from the trip....

I do, however, have 23 pages of written dialog describing our trip to the Big B... and I tried one of the receipes for chicken with peas (fresh from the farmer's market on Saturday) and new potatoes, zuccini and wine and lemon.. from Frank Stitt's cookbook...wonderful...

Now to start my book on the trip..

Also good news.. I have enough interest to do the class in the quilted book (my version from my displays, not DJ's) at the Bernia shop... schedule will be in Sept...

I have certainly been inspired by DJ and Deryn...

Miss you...


you are as always amazing in everything you do!! I love these esp the 1st image!! keep playing you are obviously very good at playing!! Hugs xo Linda


Lovely! I know what you mean about being away from the studio, I have a hard time with that!


Gosh, I love your digital work...so creative. And it's great to combine the two mediums - computer art and handcrated art. Love the face!!!

Beth Bricker

Oh I love the watercolor box with your painting added in there. Awesome! I really need to learn photoshop.

connie williams

you do such amazing photoshop work Joanne! Really cool.
enjoy your time at the cape!


I like how your mind works, Joanne...you can be comfortable to make art where ever and whenever it pleases you. The digital art with the face in the paint box is my favorite....I was coming up with all sorts of titles....but love the oddity and fun of...
"I Was a Paintbox Harlot"

keep playing with this digital art/actual art combo...i think you are on to the next cool technique.

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