August 09, 2009


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wow what a fun time!! but then you always have fun and create such awesome pieces! I have taken Susan's resin class here at the bead shop in the town just north of us! it was a blast!! your ring is awesome! love the pics of your travels and all! such fun! glad you also got some goodies too! can't wait to see more of your dolls!! hugs Linda

Maija Lepore

OMG! The doll! The papers!! The ring!!! All so glorious Joanne!


Oh Joanne .... your doll is MAGNIFICENT!!! I hope I can see her irl someday. Love that first paper in your next post too.



Wow -- the ring is really cool but the doll rocks the house! I've never done resin -- this is great.

I feel your pain with your travel problems. Sometimes it feels as though there's nothing worse. On the other hand, there's nothing better than being with friends to take away some of the frustration!


Sounds like great fun! Glad things turned around for you.....Your doll is gorgeous!

Lorri Scott


There I was in your hotel room and I got to see the paste papers you made but how come I didn't ask to see the doll and the other projects you made? duh? Maybe we were talking too much? Imagine that!

carol sloan

sounds like you just had an awesome time JoAnne! I love the doll. Perhaps I'll go with you one year...


Love the doll.. maybe I can make her a sister too.... she's terrific... Hope you got some great tips on resin.. I would like to see what you did (of course)...

jackie smith

What a glorious doll! I love her and can see why she doesn't want any wings - but I look forward to seeing her winged sisters in the future!
Your ring is really cool!
I appreciate you taking time out of your extremely busy sessions to update us - sounds like wonderful times and great classes!


oh my! your doll is FANTASTIC! did you like ICE resin? it sounds like it sets up real fast! sorry i hounded you so much about posting....but i wanted to know what i was missing! thanks for posting....


JoAnne--love hearing about your adventures & Viewing your talent.. How about coming to Sally Jean's soldering workshop in Portland in September and we can spend my birthday together? I'd love to meet up and soldering for two days is so relaxing! jood

Kathy McElroy

All in all, it sounds like you are having a wonderful time. Worth all the headaches.
I have taken classes from Jacqueline and Susan, both were spectacular, so I know you enjoyed them. Your doll looks amazing. Hope you have a pleasant trip home.

Judy Streger

Ahh, it sounds as if your trip (other than the traveling mishaps) has been ideal. I love your doll. I'm intrigued with the resin jewelry. Does the resin smell awful? I've been dying to try it, but afraid of the fumes. Enjoy your class with Jacqueline.

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