August 02, 2009


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Lorri Scott

fabulous idea to make commemorative quilts and they're just lovely!


Joanne, I didn't get the chance to comment ealier but I just have to tell you how AWESOME your Ireland inspired panels are!! Each one is a work of art! You are amazing!


Bravo! These are stunners and I'm so glad you made time for yourself. I think it's more fun to take something off your to do list that's creative and these are beautiful!

Gina M. Smith

These are beautiful-I like the 3rd one down best. Oh, I wish I could sew with a machine! The birthday tag book is beautiful,too and the banner swap. I have to say the triangles made me think: fabric pizza!


These are beautiful!

Andrea Stork

BEEEEAUTIFUL! All Are great. You continune to amaze and inspire...

decorator fabrics

That’s a quilt? Really? I’ve never heard of an “art quilt” till I read this post. Your quilt designs are very creative and realistic. I love the whole nature theme on your quilt, Gorgeous simply gorgeous.

rug cleaning Los Angeles

Wow! Stunning creation, if I haven’t read this, I never would have thought it’s a quilt, oh! It’s so beautiful. Nice job.


These are fantastic! I especially like the abstract ones. They're such treasures, just like you! It was a treat to see you tonight. Looking forward to our great week together!

leslie wood

These are great! I really love the colors you used... of course green is my favorite color!!! Love them!


FABULOUS-OF COURSE! Love your tree affects and the calmness of all of them. Have a great time at Art Unraveled! xo Lou

Judy Streger

Good for you Joanne. You actually did some art for yourself (and Kate) instead of doing what "needed" to be done. Time well spent in my opinion. Your fabric wall hangings convey the feeling of a lush, green, magnificent place. I like your idea of conveying a feeling rather than making a representational work of art.

Terrie Lightfoot

Beautiful Joanne! I noticed the last piece looks like it has a bit of a shimmer. What is it?


My God, I do believe I can "see" the southwest of Ireland!!!!


Wow, J! These are so beautiful! What a great idea to use fabric in an impressionistic manner... adding the texture and saturated colors. I love them! xo Deb


Joanne these are LOVELY! I feel if the Sidhe (fairy folk) will come skipping out of these gorgeous scenes any moment! Honey your time was spent very well indeed! Chores bow to these beauties!

Angela Hoffmann

i am totally exhausted, too much to go into a huge expletive rich post...so all i am going to muster is a huge WOOOOOWWWW!!!!!


these are gorgeous Joanne- I love how you have recreated running water.....and when i click on the pics I can see all of your intricate beading and stitching.....
did you discontinue feedblitz? i didn't get a notice on this posting......

jackie smith

Amazing, beautiful art, Joanne!! I am flabbergasted by the detail and the rich colors and the wonderful feelings that these pieces impart! I love your waterways and tree trunks and bits of lace and other textural elements!! And how perfect that you added some of your buttons on one - is that the one for Kate? Very inspiring art!!

Robin Orewiler

Oh, these are awesome!! I love the colors and putting them in the tree to take the photos was genius!! My fav is #2! What a great memento of your trip.


I am constantly amazed at you...you can work in all mediums. These are great and what a wonderful way to remember your time in Ireland.


Wow Joanne! Your wall hangings are beautiful and a lot of work. Lucky Kate to receive one.

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