August 25, 2009


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I liked your site, you are very interesting to write. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


You write well will be waiting for your new publications.


The dolls are fabulous..... I gotta see the fabric prep ... its wonderful....

Keep on Keepin' On


Joanne- I adore these art dolls! They are so wonderful! Thanks for giving us a peek into the process too.

I am in awe! As far as the stories go, I think you are so gifted in that area too, it would only make the buyers MORE in love with these charmers! Let me know when your store is up- I would like to buy one! (I am particularly fond of the brown/pink haired beauty!)

Thanks for sharing your awesome art with us!


I'm so glad you took time to make these lovely dolls. I know you are enjoyed making the one in the class. I can't wait to see who else you create.


She is SO SO COOL! I love her green outfit and the butterfly really pops! Ivy is a perfect name -- how tall is she? Oh, I think these should go over QUITE well!

Meanwhile, thank you for your kind and lovely comments on the Gypsy over the past few posts. For awhile, I was in a "I can't comment" mode because I wasn't feeling too well, and I lost some of those e-mails. So, thanks! And now I'm getting back on track!

Beth Bricker

Ivy she will remain. I love my new doll and what a surprise. when you brought her out for show and tell and then announced she was my b-day present i was doing the happy dance! She is just beautiful and wonderful and awesome all rolled in to one. Thank you Joanne!


wow what awesome dolls! I love the concept and love your finished one!! stunning!! I bet that was a super fun class! thanks for sharing! can't wait to see the other completed!! they are all lovey!! hugs Linda

Karen Owen

Your first doll is a delight! I bet you're having fun making these. The fabrics you created are fabulous too.


Oh such fun! I want one!


Kathy Wasilewski

LOVE your dolls, Joanne! The bodies have such an awesome look with the dyed, painted, and stamped designs on them. Truly makes each one unique. I agree with Lou...you should submit these to Cloth, Paper, Scissors or Art Doll Quarterly. In fact, CPS just printed an article with some other art dolls (Sept/Oct issue). After seeing both yours and there's, I'm thinking these would be so much fun to make. Thanks for sharing yet another one of your creative talents with us!


Wow! I love that you even made your own printed fabric... Truly, one of a kind. Your doll is gorgeous.


WOW on the dolls Joanne! Love how you put your own spin on what you learn in class!

Lou McCulloch

Fabulous, Joanne! You should submit her to
Art Doll Quarterly!!!! xo Lou


Joanne...seems you have mastered yet another art form!! You never cease to amaze me with your eagerness to continually embrace new ways of making art! Love these dolls...the uniqueness of each and love the fabric, the faces, the hair!
Great work!
hugs, Andi

Angie Platten

Joanne, this is stunning! LOVE all the bodies! I love the uniqueness each has. I can't believe how fast you are and how you mass produce! I'm so impressed! by the way, Ivy is my favorite color! ;)

Kathy McElroy

She is gorgeous Joanne. Good luck with your sales. Better make plenty.


LOL I have to laugh at the post Judy made...and she is right! next you will be the martha stewart of art...wait...you already are!
seriously...Ivy is a beautiful doll...especially how you did her face and hair...that really makes her personality come to life...Joanne...could I rent a space inside your head and just observe your brilliance for a few days?

jackie smith

LOL, Judy!! You may be right about the sheep!!
Joanne, Ivy is a stunning little lady! I love her facial expression and her elegant clothes and her sparkly hair!
I can't wait to see the others that you create!
Your fabrics are fun and colorful and each of your faces is full of personality!

Judy Streger

You make it sound so easy! Your doll is super wonderful. Talk about being a purist, you not only made the dolls, but you made the faces. Quite impressive. Next thing I know you'll be growing sheep in your backyard, sheering wool and spinning it to make yarn to weave into fabric for the doll's body.

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