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October 04, 2009


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you are ever so clever! I love him!

secret admirer

Wow, I love this!!!


This is wonderful - keep playing!! xo
ps... have a FANASTIC trip and safe travels - can't wait to hear all about it!!!!


Such fun!



That's really quite nice, Josie! The moon is almost, but not quite, the color of the low floating harvest moon that followed me on my errands Monday evening.


I am so very envious of your technological talent! I seem to lack the time and proper equipment to play with this, but every time I see the work you do, I am in awe. Like Martha, whose comment is above me, I didn't do any Halloween swaps this year. I'm seeing so many beautiful things I'm getting a bit peeved with myself! Your sense of composition is so strong and your use of color rocks! Wonderful!


Oh my gosh... I think I'm in love

Karen Owen

I love the subtle spookiness of this piece. Glad to see some of your Photoshop magic!

rusted wings

This is such great alteration of this guy....fit for the season!!
you're amazing joanne!!


That is really a cool transformation!
Very clever use of images from your own photos :)

Last Minute Lynn

Thanks for showing the before and after. You are such a creative person...no moment is wasted! Missed you at M3 and AS.

Jackie Smith

How perfect! So cool that you incorporated parts of your personal photos to create this awesome piece! You're SO inventive!


Lovely! I really like the birds and how you colored them....of course you took some great photos to start with!

Judy Streger

What a good use of your time in GDCG. Never let it be said that moss grows under your feet.


Lovely job! It is so cool to see how you're using those hard-sought photos of the Sedona birds!


So glad to see you playing with PS again--I always enjoy a peek into your muse! jood

martha brown

Great job Joanne! And that is SOME beard on that guy! I didn't join any Halloween Swaps this year and I'm missing it. I'm just finishing up a day of the dead banner though. Signed up, finished and ready to mail in less than a week. That's gotta be a record.... well, anything to procrastinate on my long range planning for school which I was supposed to this weekend......

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