December 19, 2009


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What a great eye you have for picture taking Joanne! Fabulous pictures, I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with them :-)


Have fun with that class! I would love to learn photoshop!


These photos have such texture! I suspect we will see amazing things from this prep-work in the future. And the adventure of malling with Catherine sounds just as fun as the photos!


very very nice! i hope to take the class too...but my copy of photoshop from my son has not arrived!....hopefully it will be here tomorrow..
your Florida adventure sounds like a blast!

Judy Streger

What a brilliant idea. I think I'm going to start taking pictures to use as backgrounds too. We're expecting the "blizzard of the decade" some time today so I'll probably be able to get a lot of good snow pictures.


These are awesome photos! You're so incredibly good at your photography and seeing textures in everything!

Lorrie Abdo

I contemplated taking that class as well but decided against it. Have fun with it. Looks like she has worked hard on her prep and will be very thorough. However, I must remind you, that you are already a pretty accomplished photoshopper!

Jackie Smith

Yes indeed - terrific textural, colorful photos! What fun y'all must have had!

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