January 11, 2010


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I can't believe that Lorrie Abdo's style almost identical to mine, hehe I think she is a genius.


Now I have a new spot to go visit! I'm glad you were featured -- your work certainly deserves it! These are great -- I love the subtle use of color, too. Very nice!

Sue Berry

Fab interview chuck - and your zentagles are gorgeous! Thanks for commenting on my Slide ... oxo


OK. What's a zentangle? I like them, but what makes them zentangles? They remind me a little of Paula Best's stamps and those cards by the lady whose Christmas ornaments and cards we saw in Santa Fe. The last one looks like very fashionable boxer shorts!!!

Judy Streger

What a great article about you. Now I know another famous person. I didn't realize you Zentangled. Is there anything you don't do (besides housework?) LOL

leslie wood

Hey... boy I've been away for too long... Playing catchup on your blog... Loved reading the interview. and love love love the doodles!!! makes me want to doodle...

Karen Owen

Congratulations on the interview! Your zentangles are fabulous — they look like so much fun, and in true Joanne style, you've drawn a bunch!

kari mcknight

Congrats Joanne! And I love your Zentangles! I love how relaxing they are too, and could happily do them instead of the dishes! LOL!

Terrie Lightfoot

Love your Zentangles Joanne! I just can't seem to sit still long enough to do one. Maybe I'll start 'Zenning' at work in between customers - hey - there's an idea! You have inspired me!


Congrats on the interview. It's a great one and your personality shines through. The array of artwork you do is always amazing to me! xo, Fran


Congratulations Joanne! We can all get your autograph when we meet up with you whoohoo! Love your Zentangles, I'd forgotten how much fun they are to do!

Gina Smith

I always love to do zentangles, too. I like your top heart and ornament balls the best. Also like your orange knitted flower photo. Will I see you at Art & Soul Hampton? Maybe I need to re-Diva-nate?


Yay for you! Great interview. Now, I have never heard of zentangles...but I realize I've been doing them....didn't know there was a name for it! Makes perfect sense :)
PS those bird banners really are cool.


congratulations on your interview! and I too am a lover of zentangles...so keep showing your results....and yes, they help me to also think things out while I doodle away.

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