February 06, 2010


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abby lazar

Hi Joanne,

Love, love, love your cuffs. Do I have to attend Art Unraveled to buy one? I can't go, but I'd love to buy one of your beauties!!


Karan Simoni

I have one with a heart button and I LOVE it!! Thansk Joanne.

Maija Lepore

They are stunning , Joanne!!!

martha brown

I love these -- and I am a multiple maker too -- I get on a roll and just can't stop!

Kathy McElroy

Beautiful cuffs Joanne. I'm sure they will sell out.

Kari McKnight Holbrook

Joanne I adore these! How beautiful they all are!

You were missed in PV and the 3 of us agreed that you are the most creatively industrious, and the most wonderfully supportive friend we all have!


I am the lucky owner of one of your fabric cuffs and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Each one is a mini work of art! Thanks again!!

debi boring

and I'm the PROUD OWNER of the top two shown here! LOVE my Cuffs! So cool that I have both, the *naughty* and the *nice* versions... to fit my changing moods. Thanks again Joanne!



connie williams

these are really lovely Joanne! I love how you've embellished them!


These are stunning, as is all your work. I look forward to seeing them in person in August! xo, Fran


These are fabulous! I especially love the antique lace ones. Look terrific with your buttons (which by the way, I put on a couple of my purses, and I really should post those!)I would think these would be hits!


These are wonderfully stunning, Joanne! I am inspired...

Beth Bricker

The latest kimono one is beautiful, as are the rest of them, which I might add are absolutely stunning IRL. These photos don't do justice to the real things. I can't seem to get off the couch and you have 70 items in production at once. I think I need a lesson in motivation. Beautiful Joanne, you have a real seller here!

Karen Owen

Holy moly! Those are gorgeous, and the fact that you've made so many is amazing too. I love them all, but I'm especially fond of the white/off white antique-looking cuffs.


they are fabulous dear!! I love them all I can't even pick a fav!! I do esp love though the vintage lace ones! the others are stunning but the lace is "me"!!! would love to know when you are selling them and how much!!???!! love one with bits of writing and the one with the images of girls heads is great! but have a 6 1/2 in wrist so maybe a little more like a 7"?? let me know! LOVE them! you my dear rock!
xoxoxo Linda


Joanne these are so lovely! I bet they are snatched up...perfect item for selling at an event like that too!
I love the vintage ones but the others have a real elegant feel to them.

rusted wings

I just love fabric cuffs!! these are gorgeous!!!

last minute lynn

Gorgeous! I can't believe you can come up with 70 different looks! I was wondering if you could use them as mini wallets or key holders with a small pocket on the back side. You truly are a wonder...only home for 2 days before leaving again and managing to produce so much!

Kim Logan

They are lovely Joanne.

Judy Streger

These are lovely. I'd call them Victorian Chic.

Brenda Bliss

Love these Joanne! Is the heart one of your buttons that you make? These are really awesome...keep up the good work!
hugs to you...

Cat Dodt-Ellis

OH MY!!!! They are really special, I love the shades of antiqued white & then that vintage kimono fabric in the darks!!!


Gorgeous! I love the antique look. You will sell out!

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