March 19, 2010


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kari mcknight holbrook

Wow! I am amazed at your stick-to-it ness! I made over 600 glass block lights and am done done done! Don't want to see another light! I can't imagine making 1000 anything!

Hugs kari


That's a LOT of buttons. You're amazing. I'm so glad you have this market for your beautiful buttons. LOVE the bunny ears, too!


The buttons really look delicious. At first I thought they were upscale chocolatier candies in little pleated paper cups, then I looked again! What fun!

Jackie Smith

As the proud of owner of some of your gorgeous buttons, I know that the buyer of these will be delighted! That's some mega assortment - looks like exhausting work! (I'm tickled at your white containers - I never thought to save Mali's!)

Your bunnies are adorable!


Those are SERIOUS buttons! But congratulations on the job -- and one well done! And, might I add Gyppy's comments to your be-eared gang, "I'm sorry -- my Mummy tries to do that to me, too!"

martha brown

Yikes! that's a lot of buttons! They look fantastic! Cookie looks quite happy as a bunny. Meek0 -- not so much :)Maybe I'll try some on Andy......


Holy smokes! That's a lot of buttons. I totally understand your catch 22 on custom orders....they're really nice to get but when you do, it's like "I am an artist...I create in my own time...I can't take the pressure!" Oh and your little fur-babies are ADORABLE! :)

connie williams

what beautiful buttons! such variety!...and so many sizes!
(...are those empty lil cesar container's your using?)
the bunny ears are adorable.


Your Easter Bunnies are too, too cute...

lorrie grainger abdo

I knew you were on a button mission but don't recall anything about a huge order for this company. Gotta catch up, I guess. Congrats! They look great.

Judy Streger

I would call this a Button Bonanza.

Sue Trump

I will need to make sure Carlie visits your blog. They are so cute. Of course the buttons are cute too. I have some...:-)

Angie Platten

Oh my gosh, the bunny ears are too funny! I"m not showing my boys or they'll have me going to look for bunny ears for all our cats! LOL!

The buttons are amazing! Did you take any up close shots? I have a friend that I'd like to show. She makes fantastic tote bags called "Button bags" and I think she'd love to see your buttons!

Oh, and your pieces from A.M. are unbelievable! You did gorgeous work!

last minute lynn

The buttons look fantastic. Some of them look very big and what a statement they will make! Your buttons are going world-wide!

kathy mcelroy

Great going Joanne. Congrats on such a big order. Cookie and Meeko look adorable. Happy Spring!

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