April 13, 2010


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kari mcknight holbrook

Gorgeous Joanne! You've been so busy! I love your bird shots- you've got a great eye for it! And your lovely juicy color combos make my heart sing!


Oh, Joanne -- I've seen a lot of work you've done over time -- in person and online. I even have some! And I love it. But I think of everything I've seen, this just may be my favorite. Your journal is absolutely amazing -- glorious color, depth of feeling, sense of "the bird" and such a beautiful marriage of all the work you do so well. Bravo.


Gorgeous colors and textures. I love the lace and those eyes!!!

martha brown

I LOVE this bird work! I don't think that I'll ever grow tired of birds :)

Karen Owen

You have been very productive! With wonderful results, I might add. Of course, if it's a bird theme I love it.

Susie LaFond

Totally rockin' Joanne. Amazing. I am such a push over for bird themed art. VBG.


Loving the bird projects!

Angela Hoffmann

ooooh! Joanne i LOVE LOVE LOVE your bird journal..i could sit here for a loooong time staring at all of the details and the beautiful birds! what a gorgeous assortment of images and colors! Fabulous!!!

last minute lynn

Gorgeous bird biz, but I can't find the robin. I bet he is disguised in a feather cloak of another color.

Christy Grant

Beautiful pages and that bird at the top is a real beauty!

Lou McCulloch

Love every page! You have such an artistic
sense of placement and texture- just fantastic and fun! xo Lou


Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Joanne! I love every page! I did find the robin! This is going to be one awesome journal!
hugs, Andi

Kim Logan

Wow, lovely Joanne, you have been more than busy...wish I had your energy..!!



Your journal pages are to die for!! I love each one! What a very busy artist you have been!
I also love seeing all of the bird banners - each one looks great! I hope mine will be winging its way to you tomorrow! (I didn't even think about doing ties on each banner! Now I need to re-think/shop/unearth something for that feature on each of mine!)


These are great. I love that you're doing the Teesha-style with your own photos. Lovely!

Judy Streger

Just remember it's better to Have Birds on the Brain than to be a bird brain. You've been busy. Yes, I found the robin. They don't call me Eagle Eye(pun intended) for nothing. Great work. I hope you'll post the finished pages when you get them done.

Leslie wood

I love the birdies!!!! You have been busy!

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