April 12, 2010


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So beautiful- the necklace and the butterflies! Glad your friend made it back safely to Denmark with all the 'ash' out there! xo Lou

kari mcknight holbrook

Wow! How lucky is she? She'll be the talk of her town with that gorgeous piece, and all the wonderful memories she'll take with her!

martha brown

This pouch is fantastic!!! and your butterfly photos are amazing, Joanne -- you never cease to amaze me with your talent !

Karen Owen

The necklace is gorgeous! What a wonderful memento for Mette to take back. Thanks for sharing the butterfly photos - had to laugh at your remark that they weren't very good models.

carol sloan

I love the necklace! What great pictures of the butterflies!


That's FANCY! She's sure to love it ;)

last minute lynn

What a gorgeous necklace you made for Mette. I'm sure she will treasure it!

connie williams

oh wow...that is so cool- and intricate! i bet she loved it!


Gorgeous! Mette will be the envy of all Denmark when she wears this piece of art!


THAT is totally awesome. I know how long it takes me to do a wee bit of beading. This was seriously major labor intensive and it is such a special gift and divine treasure -- Mette will love it forever. I'm not sure which was more complicated -- the pouch or the necklace!

Adore the butterfly photos -- isn't that a wonderful spot? I think you did very well, particularly considering their flights of fancy -- on their modeling time!


Oh, I enjoyed the Meijer Gardens (sans the butterfly exhibit) when we visited GR. I love the photo of the black/white winged creature. As for the necklace you created, I have only one word ...... WOW !!!


I do cherish the beautiful necklace, I've seen how much work and love Jo put into it. It touches my heart - as she do all the time. Jo - you mean so much for me. Thank for this wonderful vacation with you and Annie.


sounds like a wonderful time

lorrie grainger abdo

Glad that you and Mette are continuing to have such a grand time. Be sure to get to the KIA exhibit as the grand prize winner looks like an altered/recyled dress sculpture thing. The necklace is wonderful!

Lorri Scott

Joanne, the butterfly pics are so pretty and colorful just like the beaded piece you made for Mette. Just fabulous!


Wow your photos are so impressive. The necklace is so gorgeous and what a great design! I love that you did this for her. She
must be very special to you.

Judy Streger

The pictures of the butterflies are outstanding, but there are no words to describe the necklace you made for Mette. It is out-of-this world gorgeous.

Sue Trump

Beautiful, Joanne! I know how much work and time this took. I know Mette will cherish it.

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