April 22, 2010


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OK, I'm one of the less artsy of your fans.
I was surprised by how much I liked the cuff you gave me. I wear it a lot.

I honestly don't like the name "cuff" because it sounds like something an S&M store might sell. So, I think of it as a cloth bracelet.

Here are three things I REALLY LOVE about the cuffs: they aren't a problem when you are keyboarding, they are light, and they are silent. This makes them fantastic for office workers,like I used to be.

Also, what a great way to enjoy beautiful buttons.

Angela Hoffmann

ooh Joanne these are gorgeous...they sure would set off some steampunk jewelry so nicely..i agree with Judy..they do look quite Victorian! I think you will do well with these..i love them!


great cuff stuff!!!

last minute lynn

Like the new "edgey" blk ones.

Judy Streger

I love these. To me they look very Victorian.

Lorri Scott

Well, I like mine and it's always a crap shoot to create to sell. We never know if things will sell after we invest all the time and money to create them. I think you'll be surprised.


They are so beautiful! And I love the way you're displaying them too!!

Sue Trump

I like the way you have them displayed. Beautiful!!!

martha brown

These are fantastic!!! (and all of a sudden your posts are appearing on my google reader -- no pictures though :)

Angie Platten

looks great!

debi boring

Well, I still love mine! You should make up a few extra, and have people walking around wearing them so that folks can see what they look like on. (and it would be good advertising!)

Good luck! I'm sure you will do really well!



These are fabulous! I can't wait to see them in person! :)

Jackie Smith

Gracious, girl! You have been BUSY!! I love them all! And I have no doubt that they will sell! I especially love the lacy ones!

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