June 13, 2010


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I did that show a few years ago. You end up with all these tiny bags -- for which you paid a fortune in contents! Loved the Kennebunkport beads -- wonder if they're still operating -- I need to check their site!

Christy Grant

those are beautiful! Makes me want to go to a bead show now. That's all I need is another art addiction!


GORGEOUS! Looks like you had a BALL! :)


What a haul! I'm looking forward to seeing what you create from it all.

Robin Orewiler

Wow...looks like you found lots of neat things.

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Look at all that artsy goodness, I can't wait to see where your muse takes you with all of this!!!

Joanne Huffman

It was a really cool show, Marie.


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Oh I would so love to go to that show! What a fabulous stash of treasure you amassed.

Maija Lepore

Did I hear your head explode?? Oh my! Look at all the goodness!

Angie Platten

Wow, looks like lots of fun stuff! Love those silver hearts! And boy, do I understand finding a place... you end up having to rearrange everything under the sun to make a place for the new stuff! Can't wait to see what you do with all these goodies!

Judy Streger

What a great haul. I'm assuming you drove in a truck so you'd have room for all the stuff you, Catherine and Brittany purchased. I can't wait to see what you make with everything.

Jackie Smith

oh my goodness!! i love seeing shopping hauls!! you really scored! the beads and jewelry are delicious! what are those conical shaped thingies? hey, i have one of those opti-visors - it made me very dizzy at first, but i finally got the hang of it. too bad it's in alabama. did you buy the metal dress form there - it is adorable! were y'all on your feet all four hours of shopping?? - thanks for taking the time to share the experience!

Beth Bricker

Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Next year I'm there!

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