June 02, 2010


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Jordan Jumpman

This is very cute. I think that I am going to give it a try. thanks

Maija Lepore

I can't wait to see you at Art Unraveled!!


Wonderful, fabulous art to share! Thanks for sharing. Looks like you are having a ball. I look forward to our time together in August!

Gina Smith

Holy Cow! That 2D canvas is fantastic! I just want to feel it. I need to get to that yarn shop in Portage as well as Art Unraveled sometime! And good for you with the show!


What wonderful accomplishments! The fabric papers turned out wonderfully! I never would have thought of making those great embellishments from the fabric paper - this makes me want to do that project even more! Your 2D canvas is off to a great start - good luck on your showing! And that beading work is SO awesome!


Wow! You have a been one busy lady! I love the necklace and those papers are beautiful... the embellishments too. But that canvas ~ oh my!! I adore it! xo Deb


you've been busy! I love that necklace and your fabric papers are gorgeous! I'd love to learn this technique...

carol sloan

How I wish we lived closer to each other! We would have SO much fun playing together.I love your work so much.I guess that I need to try the color mist stuff now, it looks really cool on the textured canvas! Soft gel?

Karen Owen

Wow! You've been busy and have a lot of wonderful things to show for it. Your canvas is beautiful - can't wait to see what else you do. Oh, and the black and white necklace is gorgeous.

martha brown

You've been having fun!
Don't forget to do all of that vendor licensing stuff before AU -- last year my roomie almost didn't get to vend because she didn't have them all!


I leave you alone for a minute and see what all you go and do....you, my friend, are awesome..


Angie Platten

LOve it all but that last piece in progress REALLY is fabulous! My eyeballs hurt thinking of beading that necklace!

Hey, how are your sign ups for the Crown class at AU? Can't wait to see you!

Judy Streger

I love your canvas. I can't wait to see it when it's finished. Who was your model? LOL

last minute lynn

The fabric papers look cool. I hope you will bring them for show and tell on Monday. The necklace is gorgeous and will be so striking on a black top. Very cool that you will be on display again at the library. I can't wait to come your opening!

Beth Bricker

The paper looks cool, what fun!
I can't wait to see some finished projects.


OH my lady!!! you have been in creative mode!

kathy mcelroy

Great work Joanne. Wish I had more time for art. I miss it.


Oh, my! You HAVE been busy! And everything looks terrific. I'm really intrigued about the fabric papers -- I think there was a CPS article about that some time back! The painting is great!

lorrie grainger abdo

It's all wonderful. I hadn't heard about the show at the Library. Who else is in it with you? Love the fabric papers. Something I need to know how to do?


Joanne, your sewn embellishments look like such fun to play with and use! I am loving your painting you started with the Color Mists, what or how did you get the effect you have it almost looks like encaustic wax!!

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