July 03, 2010


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Kate White

I really love that PhotoShopped landscape with lots of yellows!

Robin Orewiler

Wow - how cool that you have your own "solo" showing...love your artwork. The classes you take sound so intriguing. Is the Photoartjournal group one in Yahoo?

lorrie grainger abdo

Joanne, I saw the show at the library. I think the work of all three of you is really strong. Congratulations!


First of all, those Italy photos -- to die for, especially the steps.

Second, the show -- terrific stuff. I remember fondly seeing your panels (sunflowers, the one like a window) at your home last year and being enthralled at the technique and quality of your work. If you ever do a class of that, please let me know!

rusted wings

wow joanne, your digital photos from italy are SO incredible...outstanding beauty!!
congratulations on your solo show!
you are such an inspiration!
xo abigail


JOANNE I am so proud of you!
What a wonderful offering you have in your show. With all you've put up, it still doesn't show 1/1000 of your talent!

martha brown

I like that shot at the top... the steps... and Congrats on your exhibition!!!!

Judy Streger

How does Becky feel about being portrayed as a Woodland Sprite? Of course, this is my favorite, if I had to choose a favorite. Congratulations on your show.

Karen Owen

Your photos for your class are really cool. Congratulations on the show at the library. The pieces you selected to show are fabulous. I know everyone will be quite impressed.

Maija Lepore

Even if you are not blogging, you are always commenting!!!! oxox

Joanne Huffman

Many thanks, Jeri! I appreciate you checking out my blog.


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Big Congrats Joanne well done! How excited you must be! Your pieces are all wonderful I wanted to pick a favorite but I can't I love ALL of them such a great variety!!


Wow Joanne, really wonderful work. How exciting it must be to have them in an exhibit!
I love your photo art too! I am especially attracted to the 2nd photo of the landscape & house. So freaking great!!


Wonderful! Congratulations on the show! I LOVE your pieces! And, yes, you were missed! I'm counting down the days to AU! xo

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Your pieces are EXCELLENT, so happy for you!!! I know the exhibit will receive rave reviews!!!

Brenda Bliss

Congratulations Joanne-------your pieces for the show are outstanding....wish I could find some local friends to create with!

Account Deleted

Lovely items on display Joanne!

last minute lynn

Thanks for posting the reminder about your show. I can't wait to go see your works in person. Love the sunflowers and Becky!

Andrea  Stork

I always miss you when it Is "quiet" for too long. Glad I got to see you In 3D. Can't wait to see the show ...And, excellent visuals with photoshop... Keep it going.


Very cool Joanne! I'll be proud to boast "I knew her when ..."

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