July 27, 2010


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Kate White

I've said it before and I'll say it again,
I LOVE THE CUFFS!!! I think of them as cloth bracelets because I associate cuffs with activities to be avoided at all costs.

They are as lovely as they can be and LIGHT and QUIET!!!!

connie williams

beautiful beautiful crowns! i love the new ones with your buttons- but i really love MINE the best!
I can't wait to hear how art unraveled goes...i know your class teaching and vending will be a success.
across country by yourself- something i have not done yet! yay for you...so brave!


Sounds like you've been really busy. I hope all those tests and lab work come back clean! Good luck with all your classes and vending!

Karen Owen

I love these new crowns! Okay, I loved the old ones too. They are all unique and special. I had to laugh that someone thought you were a stalker. I don't know what to say to that person, but "get a life" comes to mind. You can stalk me and my blog any time. I always appreciate your kind words and encouragement. And I know others do too because they have told me so. I hope you have a safe, fun trip to Art Unraveled. Can't wait to see and hear all about it.

kari mcknight holbrook

Joanne! I love love love what you've been up to! Your crowns are fabulous and each with so much vitality and personality! I think the digital work you've been doing is amazing and really well executed, and you know I adore your word peeps- you always seem to express exactly thoughts that I'm thinking!

And girlfriend- I look at you as my role model for a kind and concientious blog visitor! ALways kind and encouraging! You have no need to be embarrassed- that person in February had an overblown sense of self, thinking they were "famous" enough to warrant a stalker-LOL!

No laughing matter- your kind support has lifted me on many a dark day. Keep being the wonderful Joanne that you are!

My best wishes for a fantastic and awesome time at Art Unraveled- I know you'll blow their minds!

Maija Lepore

I love your crowns!!!
Congrats on your success as a button maker- what a great opportunity!
I am so very grateful for all the comments you leave- it warms my heart!!!!


Love love those crowns, Joanne! Am sure they will be a hit! And the instant gratification thing is just soooooo me - lol :0) Enjoy your trip! xo Deb


RAts! I bet you had a verification word! That's why my comment didn't post.

OK, I said, you can stalk me anytime you like! You might think I've been stalking you, as I check in daily -- glad to see a new post.

Have a safe, creative, wonderful and profitable trip (I want to see pix and stories!) -- I love your crowns!


You can come stalk me anytime! (I check in almost daily with you so I was extra excited to see a new post today!)

Hope all is well on the med front and that you have a wonderful trip to Art Unraveled -- and a successful one, too. I'd take your crown class -- those are great!

Robin Orewiler

Thanks for the update - being busy is putting it mildly for you! Be safe in your travels and prosperous in your sales.


I love your crowns, especially the metal ones. Have a safe and fun trip. Your students will have a blast and learn really neat stuff. :) miss you!

last minute lynn

Your new crowns are wonderful and will certainly entice! Love the head you display them on too. Have a wonderful journey and I look forward to your return and tales of your adventures!


Good to "see" you back. I'm looking forward to our time here in Phoenix! Travel safely and I'll see you soon!!! xoxoo

Jackie Smith

I LOVE your crowns! I will be thinking of you as you travel and socialize and sell and teach and learn - be safe and have fun!

Lorri Scott

You are the best comment leaver at blogs I know and everyone appreciates the time you take to do that. Well I do. I am not so good, but the intention is there.

I can tell you've been busy, can't wait to see all your goodies.

Have a safe journey and I'll see you soon! Getting in on Thursday.

Judy Streger

If you're an apprentice geezer, than I must be a journeywoman geezer. The crowns are are wonderful. Every woman, including geezers, should have one. Have a safe and fun trip.

martha brown

Drive carefully -- I'll see you in a week!

Judy Osborn

Love the WerdWoman...and she's absolutely correct! jood

Sue Trump

I will be your stalker if you want one too. We will miss you but live vicariously though you yet again. Pictures and posts...we wait with bated breath.

Leslie wood

Welcome back to blogworld. I missed your posts and I too appreciate blog comments, including yours.

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