August 26, 2010


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I love everything I have just seen especially the tea time piece. The colors are heavenly. Thank you so much for sharing. I liked the ring very much too...just in case you get tired of it and want me to show it off in Illinois for you.

Robin Orewiler

Wow - what cool stuff!

kari mcknight-holbrook

Joanne- they all look wonderful! I can't imagine you have any space left at all in your head for any more art knowledge right now! I'm so glad you enjoyed the classes- I was wondering how this retreat would stack up to the others! Thanks for your post- I'd love to hear more!

Maija Lepore

Totally fabulous!!! Looks like a fab retreat!!


You are so skilled at mixing media. These are beautiful -- always nice to hear when someone whose work you admire is a generous and skilled teacher as well.

marie warner

Fun and fascinating techniques with wonderful mixed media and a great teacher. An experience to relish and remember. And...great results to add to your own repertoire.

nancy donaldson

great work,looks like you had a lot of fun!!!

Judy Streger

Blue nail polish? That's almost as cool as the embossed metal items. I'll bet that works wonders on your sewing machine needle.

Karen Owen

Hi, Joanne! I stopped by to see if you had posted anything from your classes, and I wasn't disappointed. I love what you did. I agree with the others - I would love to take a class from Beryl. I've admired her work for a long time.

martha brown

Oh, I am so jealous! Your work from Beryl's class is fabulous. I hope that Create is very successful -- I'd like to go next year! (need a navigator for the road trip?) Can't believe that you did AU and Create back to back -- that's a lot of classes. I'm still burnt out from AU. Although I plan to descend to the dungeon studio today to sew....

vintage moon studio

Oh you lucky duck! I would love to have a class with her!! Your work is awesome - safe travels!!! xo Deb


I too, am a Beryl Taylor fan. So glad you were able to take the classes and share your tantalizing results with us.


I'm so glad you are enjoying Beryl Taylor.. she is such a favorite with me.. I'm sure she is wonderful.. I only had a few precious minutes talking to her a couple of years ago at the big Rosemont quilt show.. She was wonderful then and I'm sure she is now.. can hardly wait to see in real like what you've done... Cath

Di ;)

Love the variation and different types of media that went into this! :-)


What wonderful results! I'm like Karen BP - I would LOVE a class with Beryl Taylor!
It's always fun and educational to get to "go along" with you to your art retreats! What else are you taking? Can't wait to hear details about everything!

Karen Campbell

Ahhhh ... I'm so jealous. I would love a class with Beryl Taylor! Your stuff looks so awesome! Did you stitch the metal embellishments by machine or hand?

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