August 05, 2010


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Joanne Huffman

Thanks, Bailey!

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I love the face with the music notation and red. She has such a sultry, disdainful look. What attitude. Nice balance. That composition works for me!

Christy Grant

Joanne, I adore this piece you did with the face. It's amazing. Sounds like a very good time.

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Joanne, you are truly artistic royalty! I love that pic of you surrounded by your gorgeous pieces, you look totally blissed!

And the faces you drew are really wonderful!!! What a great class that must have been!!! You really did it all in your own style!

ann mack

I love your faces! You have a very distinctive style and I really like it. I also like your caligraphy. It is easy to read and forms a really cool pattern. You are just in general amazing!

Karen Owen

I'm wondering where you are! Have you begun the reverse road trip?


Hooray! So fun to hear of your unravelling experiences -- and I simply love the faces! You artist you -- you've ALWAYS been "one of the artists!"

Maija Lepore

I was so happy to see you my friend!!!!

martha brown

Your faces are wonderful -- I can't wait to see your postings of everything else that you made -- I forgot to make you show me it all in person!

Deb Lewis

Well Queen Joanne... your crowns (and photo) are lovely! And I really like the faces - especially the one with the music background. Where is the quote from - it's great. Deb ps... Picasso never gave a darn about symmetry - lol!


Joanne, These faces are beautiful...and I love your words on the last canvas, very thoughtful! Thanks for sharing, it looks like a lot of fun :)

Karen Owen

Don't you look festive and happy in your crown! It looks like you're off to a great start with your unique faces.

Fran Saperstein

These paintings look even better in person! It is so great to be spending time with you! See you later today! xo, Fran

Debbie Miller

You look so beautiful. The art is inspired and creative...it looks like so much fun!! Have you taught your class yet?

leslie wood

Looks like you are having fun there in Phoenix!!! Wish i was there taking your class.

last minute lynn

Your faces are beautiful! Your crown picture would be a great profile picture. Keep having big fun!


your words and images are moving. Have a great rest of the adventure!


I love the face with the musical notes background. Have a great time and sell out!

Judy Streger

I love your soliloquy. Only you could come up with something as witty as this one. Of course, it's a good thing you're getting used to the heat by being in Phoenix for I fear that you are going to wind up eternally being in a very hot place. LOL Your faces look great and of course they're not going to look like anyone else's because you are an individualist!

Jackie Smith

AWww - you look so cute in your crown! And your faces are fantastic! I am impressed and envious!

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