August 30, 2010


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Wanting to work on more Stitch Imagery projects may motivate me to unpack my things in a timely manner. We used a photo, copied the outlines from it onto watercolor paper (using the pencil rubbing technique many of us learned in elementary school), watercolored afthe drawing, free form stitched on the water color paper, made a copy on fabric of the imafe, and then painted, stamped, embellished and sewed some more. I was in Heaven!

Diana Trout

What a good time you had! Don't you love Nina? I can definitely imagine the two of you creating in the same room - color heaven

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Sorry that I posted "teat time" instead of "tea time"....that would definitely be a different piece of art lol!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Ooooh, look at all that gorgeous artwork! I LOVE teat time! From a simple B&W to that fabulous colored & stitched piece! And those columns are really awesome. I love the ring too! I can see you really had fun there, the workshops looked so good!!!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Ooooh, look at all that gorgeous artwork! I LOVE teatime! From a simple B&W to that fabulous colored & stitched piece! And those columns are really awesome. I love the ring too! I can see you really had fun there, the workshops looked so good!!!

carol sloan

Fantastic work Joanne! I love everything that you did. Sounds like you had a fabulous time.


Oh my goodness Joanne! I love what you're doing with your stitching, it is superb.

Robin Orewiler

I have never heard of these - thread painting (yours are stunning!!!) or stitch imagery (LOVE the bold colors and how you showed us examples of each step). Well, I obviously am adding this retreat to my wish list. What fun you had! Thanks for sharing. Would love to see what you create when you're home.


I just saw your lovely photo on Kelli's blog and came to see what you had posted here. I love all the color on tea time ... such a fun piece. But I ADORE those columns! even if it's not a 'finished product'. I certainly think I could get excited about those techniques too.


Well, I'm a tad more dazed than I even thought I'd be after seeing those Stitch Imagery things. I was going to write "you have a way with a sewing machine" -- but it's so much more than that! Oh, those colors simply dazzle!

last minute lynn

OMG! I haven't caught up with your blog in awhile and am overwhelmed with the wonder art you have made recently!!! You really have become an amazing "sew-er". I had no idea you could make such pictures with a sewing machine. You look gorgeous in your crown, painted shoes and lovely top. I can't wait to see everything in person!

lauren finley

Joanne, Thanks for the compliments on my thread pieces. Looks like you are experiencing the same kind of fun! Great pieces. I am glad you commented, it reminded me to take a look at what you are doing recently. Hope all is well.

Karen Owen

Cool ring, cool thread painting! Create was obviously a great art retreat. Love what you're doing.


Joanne what fun! I love what you created...such a range between the ring and the sewing!! I love the stitching stuff what a great new way to make art. Do you think you will do more stitch imagery??

kathy mcelroy

What fun classes. I need a new sewing machine! Tea Time is awesome. I would love to attend this next year. Your work is always spectacular.

Jackie Smith

Oh my! What beautiful art you have created! I adore your ring! And your stitched columns are fantastic! Did you use cheese cloth or lace or what for the texture within the columns? And the dishes - WOW! I am in love with this and I would love to understand more about the technique. How did you copy it from the water color paper to fabric? Did the water color paper not tear while you stitched? Amazing piece! Thanks so much for sharing your artful experiences!

Christy Grant

These are jaw-dropping great, Joanne. Your drawings are good. You've been holding out on us! :) Love what you did. I'm really impressed with those sewn circles. I can't so worth a bean.

Angie Platten

Love what you did! And I'd love Kelli's class too. I've always favored her articles in CPS.

Lorri Scott

Very cool indeed! I love what you created. I want to see the tea time in person!

connie williamsc

Cool! I love what you did- from the columns to the stacks of beautiful dishes!

martha brown

WOW! you took great classes.... I wish that I was there! All of your work looks fabulous -- the thread painting is my favourite!

Judy Streger

I can see why you loved Kelli Nina Perkin's class. What a great technique. Your stitch painting (is that what you call it?)is totally fabulous.


Wow! What a productive few days! I love love that stitch image piece.... hmm... it has the wheels turning here! Glad you're home safe and sound :) xo Deb

Maija Lepore

Your work is incredible Joanne! I know you had fun with Fran too!!

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