August 15, 2010


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Robin Orewiler

Love the pics and commentary of all your classes.


Sounds like you had a fabulous time and came away with lots of new learning to add to your creative pot!
Thanks for sharing!


I like all of these, but what I like most is what you said about having fun making all of them, but know that you won't do some again -- they aren't for you. I've had that feeling often, and it's always a good-bad thing -- I feel good that I had fun, bad that I spent the time learning something I won't use again, but glad that I did it so I will know and so we can move on. There is something affirming about tackling something new, doing it (and well, I might add) but knowing that was it, thanks. And I thank you for affirming that for me!

Karen Owen

You took such varied and interesting classes. It's great to dabble and decide which techniques/media you like, isn't it? I imagine it was hard to bend that rebar wire, but your results are awesome. I've used silver clay but not bronze & copper clays - I think I'd like to give it a try.

connie williams

i LOVE rebar wire (but you know that LOL!)... i have adapted several tools to make it easier to work with...did you use quik fire copper clay or the steel container/charcoal fire type?..Hadar jacobsen has great tips on her website on how to add the clays together.....I have never heard of polymer resin/concrete. what is it?
your beads are ALL wonderful!

Deb Lewis

Rebar is tough to work with... I know I do not have the hand strength but I do love the look of it! Those beads are quite interesting - any ideas what they will be used for? xo Deb

Joanne Huffman

I doubt that I will ever work with rebar again - much too hard; and, you can get 20 gauge annealed steel wire at the hardware store and I know Id rather work with that.


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Judy Streger

I like the "concrete" beads, too. Do the crystals stick into the clay when the clay hardens or do you have to glue them in? When are you heading home?


I love that you enjoyed these classes at AU. Thanks for sharing the Sheri Haab stuff... I'm looking forward to playing with it. :)

Jackie Smith

Great work! I really like the concrete beads! I think it's wonderful that you explore so many different methods and mediums!


Oh Joanne--you really are playing on the outer edges! Your polymer clay pieces look delectable--looking forward to seeing them when you add the silver. Jood


Rebar is tuff to work with but your curly cues are terrific.


I like the sound and looks of your classes Joanne, wish I could see everything up close and of course touch...I'm such a tactile person LOL I'm curious why you don't think you'll do more of the copper or bronze clay is it harder to work with? Does it have to be kiln fired or can you torch fire it as well? Thanks so much for sharing!

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