August 12, 2010


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Joanne Huffman

Thank you! Ruth Rae has a DVD, but Im not sure about online classes. I loved her class and I love her book and DVD and I really love burning fabric : )


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Lynette (NZ) told us about this class on her blog.
WOW, I've always admired Ruth Rae's work in the Somerset magazines - I must have a look on her blog to see if she has an on-line class!
Thank you for showing such great photos - there's something about that flame isn't there!

kari mcknight-holbrook

Wow Joanne! What an awesome recap you had for us! (We'll forgive you for having so much fun the camera stayed in the pocket!)

Hope to see you sometime soon so I can hear even MORE details! YOur class looked Awesome!

Lynette (NZ)

Me again - I have shared this link on my Friday blog post cos I love it so much!

carol sloan

Joanne- I love burning stuff too! I LOVE your piece, especially that you used a family picture - it just adds so much to the sentiment of the piece.

Lynette (NZ)

Hi there - got here from Martha's blog. Love all things Ruth Rae - thanks for sharing the slash and burn techniques. Off to fire up my heat gun!

Maija Lepore

You were a crazy pyro!!!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

WOW...you're really cookin'!!! I always thought Ruth Rae would be such fun in class! Thanks for showing how you did this, the results are genius...i love how they look!!!

Karen Owen

Wow! I loved seeing the process, so thank you for taking time to photograph as you went. Your results are amazing. What a fabulous way to show off this treasure of a photo!

Judy Streger

This is a really cool technique and the results are amazing. I can see why this would appeal to you.

nancy donaldson

wish i was there!!!
lovely work


Joanne, this is a fascinating technique (yes, I can see where it might be a tad smelly!) -- your results are very good, especially for a first-timer!

Deb Lewis

What a great piece! Love all the burnt edges... looks like a wonderful class! Deb


I love seeing the process. Your final piece was so striking! I look forward to seeing what you put fire to next! :)

Angie Platten


Lorri Scott

very cool!

Karen Campbell

This piece is just awesome! And I'd sign up for a class with Ruth Rae too based on what you did!

Sue Trump

Oooh!!! I'm thinking I would love a class with Ruth. Those look awesome! Can't wait for our next show and tell! Missed you!

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