October 06, 2010


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kari mcknight holbrook

I've been wondering Joanne! I felt that you weren't acting like your usual perky self lately! Glad to see you are doing better! Your banners are oh so creative and beautiful!

martha brown

Well, see -- EVERYONE wants a piece of your art! These are great banners! I didn't know that you were in for repairs! I'm just jetissoning the body parts that I don't need anymore....... Heal well, my friend.


love your banners! they are fantastic!

Maija Lepore

Fabulous use of your lesson from Ruth!!
Glad to see you blog!!

Lori Hutchinson

Of course I would love to have one of your banners.
I love your art! Glad to hear you are back creating.

Karen Owen

Well, it looks like you were wrong about not getting more than 6 requests! Anyway, I'm so glad you are feeling better and arting again, and I'm delighted that I'll get one of your cool W's! Of course, I'd also like to have a leaf too! Oh, and I love your ghostly ATCs.

Judy Streger

Glad to see you're "arting" again. The banners look great. I hope you did all that slashing and burning and candle burning in a well-ventilated room or your brain will be pickled.

Carla Trump

Those are so cool Joanne! I want one!

connie williams

oh right- don't even share that the body is in the shop being repaired!
Terrific banners- glad to hear everything is as good as new and you are doing some art!
your little boo ghost cards are adorable too!

Jackie Smith

Oh I love these! Very clever technique! I am fortunate that I will receive a "W" but HEY, I'd love one of the others also - I am piggy that way!
Sorry that you've been out of sorts! I didn't know or would have sent healing thoughts!

Kathy Mc

So happy to see I will be getting one of your very cool banners. Love your ATC's. Hope what ever is ailing you is gone. Take it easy and take good care of yourself.

Angie Platten

Oh! Mememememememe I'd love to have one. LOVE them!


Woohooo! For once I get my comment in on time!! I would love one of your banners! They are all very cool indeed. Glad to hear the "engine repair" went well at the body shop... am in the process of doing exactly the same here. I have ignored ongoing issues far too long and the time has come to address them .Ack ;-)
Hope everything else is well - xo Deb

Lorrie Abdo

Doctor must have given you good news yesterday. I'll look forward to seeing th ATCs in person at next month's meeting.


Glad to hear you are mended!!!
Your W flags are VERY cool indeed.


I'm the first to comment! Hooray -- that's because I've just been WAITING for a new post and saw your FB link! I didn't realize you'd taken to the mattress - hope by now you're doing much better and getting about. At least you've been productive during your 'confinement.' I love doing Halloween things!

Well, of course I would love to be included in your giveaway or drawing! So please add me into the mix. Everything on this post is wonderful!

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