December 12, 2010


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I don't know much about the bamboo pen. Sounds like a challenge, but I liked your handwriting!

Barbara Hagerty

Don't give up, Joanne! I've had my Wacom Intuous for a few years, and for the first year I worked and worked with it and the results were either bad, or inconsistent. It turned out that I had a defective pen nib, and I because I was a beginner, I had just assumed it was me. After I switched pens, things came together quickly and now I use the pen instead of a mouse for almost everything, not just for drawing. Before you frustrate yourself too greatly, check another pen, or a change of nibs and see if that's the problem.

Robin Orewiler

I, too, have a Bamboo Wacom pen but mine is still in the package...maybe you've inspired me to actually open it up! I can read what you wrote just fine.


Very Nice!!

last minute lynn

Glad Annie can smile...she must be freezing!

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