January 02, 2011


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Cotton Bags

I love how you think of nooks and crannies and pouches when you're designing your lovely purses.if January 1 is any indication. Hope one of those friends will be you.Wow, this is very interesting.

Nellie Wortman

Your purses are always so amazing!!!

chris covington

I love this purse!

Barbara Hagerty

Gorgeous fabrics, buttons and purses! Have a wonderful new year!!


Oh I really should have looked at your purses before posting my on my blog. My goodness! I love all the different techniques you use and all those wonderful pockets. As always, you are an inspiration!


You are SERIOUSLY busy and if that holds true, you will have an extremely productive and creative new year.

I, on the other hand, will drink (too much) wine and eat (too much) food all year long. Well, why should this year be any different than last? But I will also be with wonderful friends, if January 1 is any indication. Hope one of those friends will be you!

Karen Owen

I hope that superstition isn't true since I spent the day moping! But you spent your day well. Love the purses and the buttons. Love that rhinestone zipper.


Awesome start to the new year my dear!!
Your purse is wonderful.

Last Minute Lynn

Hope to see this wonderful bag on Monday!

Jackie Smith

Hey there Super Woman! I am loving both purses! Rhinestone zipper - who woulda thunk?! You are incredibly talented! I love how you think of nooks and crannies and pouches when you're designing your lovely purses! And those buttons are delightful! I've never seen ones like the white ones before - with the 3D elements - just lovely! I am so glad that I am a customer and that I own some of your gorgeous buttons! And my beautiful angel doll! And small journal/notebooks! Your art brings me much pleasure!

Judy Streger

Goodness gracious, you've been busy. Most people are nursing a hangover on January 1st, but not you. I guess healthy living pays off. LOL

Martha brown

what a perfect way to start the year. "Begin as you mean to go on"


lovely lovely lovely! ...and all those buttons....of course my favorites are the black and white ones. i tried to make my first inchie today. i don't like being told what to do! (one inch by one inch - what kind of a rule is that? LOL)

Joanne Huffman

thanks you, Kathy. So far, most of my bags are prototypes, but I am planning on making some to sell.


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So pretty, do you sell the bags?


Wow -another gorgeous purse... so now you must have one for every week of the year (hmmm...sounds like a project to me!)Best wishes for a year filled with more great art!! xo Deb

Beth Bricker

This is awesome! Since I have seen the Christmas purses I know how truly awesome your purses are. You have truly mastered the reverse applique process.

Cat Dodt-Ellis

These are amazing, Joanne, I love them both and those buttons....WOW!!!!

You are so good with fabric & polyclay, can't wait to see some more!

Maija lepore

Really fabulous Joanne! I love your choice of colors-the reverse appliqué is very cool
Happy new year!!


Your purse is gorgeous and you're not even done yet!

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