January 23, 2011


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Andy Stork

Joanne, I have been there with losing images, and it Is tragic. I am so glad your were just Hiding! Great work you have here (as always....)

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Gorgeous image on the inchie....and i LOVE your journaling pages....so happy that all was not lost!


Great idea for the inchie! That's a lovely journal page!


Lovely inchie, I like the compositiion! What fun journal pages you are creating and good to have recovered your photos.

Lezlei Young

Joanne...great inchie...looks like you had a very maudlin morning...glad you recovered your photos. Lezlei

last minute lynn

Hooray for Miss Britt!


Go, Brittney! I would have picked a cemetery image for "maudlin" too -- nice!

lorrie Abdo

Yikes, scarry!

Karen Owen

Beautiful, Joanne, and a perfect interpretation of the word in my opinion. I wish I had done mine before I came to visit your blog because I planned on using a stone angel too. I may still have to do that.


Lovely inchie. I really love seeing what you do in Marie's classes, too. SO SO SO glad that your photos were just hiding! :)


Love it Joanne! Both your inchies and your journaling rock! I've discovered I love thumb drives and can take tons of them with me when I travel. Makes for handy transport, and I have quite a collection of different colored ones to help keep me straight. That way I can pretty much keep my computer fairly fast running...

Joanne Huffman

Thank you, Jackie! I went out and bought a 2 tetra external hard drive to back up my desktop and Im thinking of looking into one of those online back up systems as a back up for my back up.

frozen hugs,

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Boy I sure do know the feeling of loosing photos! I'm so glad yours were just hiding!
Nice pieces the cemetery statue seems very apropos for this weeks challenge word. I like your ready to take flight it sounds fitting for you as the travel queen! :-)


Whew! So glad the photos were just hidden and not deleted! I would have cried also! I have 3 separate detachable hard drives and your experience reminds me that it is time for a backup!
I LOVE your mauldin inchie! It's great that you are able to incorporate your photography into this tiny art form!
I am working on mine right now.
Your journal page is awesome! I have always loved your birds with human eyes! The entire spread is great!

kathy mcelroy

Glad Brittney was there for you. When I finish all my art projects, I plan to sit down and get caught up with Marie's classes. I'm so busy I don't even have time to get an inchie done this week.Love your work. Always do.


terrific inchie joanne- very MAUDLIN! you have to copy all your pics and documents to a portable hard drive......just in case. they are so small now and hold ...like 300 GB.

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