January 12, 2011


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Gorgeous fabric and darling hearts and purse. Makes me smile.

xox Rella

Elaine Akers

The heart banner and purse are beautiful. What pretty fabric, but the hearts make it extra special.

Nellie Wortman

I love the fabric, what an awesome piece!

Nellie Wortman

Oh, I love this project and the fabric is awesome!

Nancy B

Fabulous sewing!

Karen Owen

That fabric is wonderful, and I know you'll enjoy that lovely purse. Love your banner - too bad I'm not in your group.

last minute lynn

You are a fabulous "sewer"! A purse for every season, how wonderful!


This is wonderful. What great fabric, too. Love it all. Linda

Robin Orewiler

Oh my - you really made a LOT of hearts with your sewing machine - love how they turned out.


what a beautiful fabric Joanne! what is that white boxy thingy behind the needle on your sewing machine? darling banners- divine purse! fabric would be terrific for a fabric painting.....

martha brown

I love this overstitching -- the W heart and the purse look great! I hope that you will show us the finished banner when you get all of the parts back (or are you like me -- you get all of the parts back and then never put them together????)

Joanne Huffman

Thank you, Karan!


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Karan Simoni

Love the fabrics you used Joanne. Really pretty!

Christy Grant

I don't know which I like more...the heart or the purse! Great job, Joanne!


You know what I love about this? It's definitely Valentiney -- but it's also a breath of spring! This is fabulous fabric. And making the bag is inspired!


I am so proud to be possession of more pieces for my Joanne Thieme Huffman collection. I love the hearts but the buttons are just wonderful. I have some lovely purple yarn that might become something for those buttons to adorn or I might just carry them in their darling matchbox. The "Be brave, you are loved" heart is going in my purse with my rosary. I am wearing my "Joanne" shoes Saturday night.

Jackie Smith

Great fabric! Great heart! Great button! This is just lovely, Joanne! And I just know that you made those heart-shaped buttons! And of course you made a purse - and it's divine!

Judy Streger

The purse is divine. The banner is lovely and whimsical and the clay button the perfect finishing touch.


That is great fabric! Cute cute purse... and I love the stitching! xo Deb

Danee Kaplan

Lovely, I'm becoming obsessed with the free motion sewing yet I have never done it.

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Love those fabrics & your banners!!! And of course, I love that purse.....you are a creative whirlwind!

Lorrie Abdo

Of course! What else does one do with leftover fabric? :)

kathy mcelroy

You already know I love it.


JOANNE! Truly adorable! The heart stitching really brings it home.

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