February 10, 2011


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Martha brown

This is a great idea! i can't wait to see what they all look like! I'm so behind on my blog reading (report cards and OWOH)

Nancy B

What great fun! I did a quilt round robbin similar to this once and the quilt turned out great. Can't wait to see how this lovely necklace turns out!

last minute lynn

Oh, I can't wait to see the final results. I'm sure they will be fabulous!

Beth Bricker

Oh,oh,oh oh,oh........I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! I am so excited that this is my necklace. I promise I will get the the directions pronto.


How fun! It will be so cool to see how they turn up in the end!


Lovely! This looks like fun!


Your work on Beth's is spot on (as you say!) and just beautiful - love those colors.
Your necklace should be lovely when its returned to you. I have never been in a round robin of this sort and would love to hear more about it. diann


What a fun idea! your necklace "starter" is gorgeous, and so is Beth's. Love what you've added! Can't wait to see all the finished necklaces!


Love the necklace you sent and the one you received! Can't wait to see all the finished necklaces! beautiful work, as usual!


I love what you did with Beth's and your necklaces! I look forward to seeing the photos as you continue on with this RR!

kathy mcelroy

You got a little more creative with your story than I did. Can't wait to see how mine turns out. I know it will be beautiful. Look who's playing! I forgot to take a picture of mine. Maybe Sue will take a picture for me. Thanks for letting me play along. Joanne, I am no better than you are at this.

Jackie Smith

What a unique RR! Your beginning with the earth and stars is lovely! And Beth's looks like Beth! Your additions to hers are perfect! I look forward to watching the progress of this! (And I love your theme!)

Robin Orewiler

Great idea! Love what you added to Beth's and I await updates on the others. Yours will be stunning, I'm sure, when it returns. I liked what you wrote on your card.

Autumn Clark

How fun! Love your idea and the necklace is turning out to be quite beautiful!

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