February 03, 2011


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Why didn't you ask mee to join you? I wanna go too!!!

Andy Stork

Love It!!! You crack me up!


These are hilarious and fabulous! I love your photoshop work!


Love it Joanne, your so funny! What a great way to get away from the cold if only in your mind LOL


Nice fantasy! I'd like to be at the beach, too, instead of here with all this snow and ice.


This made me smile and feel all warm inside plus left me wishing for the beach! You did real good, Joanne...great fun! Diann

Jackie Smith

This is hilarious! I love your imagination and always enjoy seeing your Photoshop expertise at work! Thanks for sharing! (BTW, I am at the beach and it sounds like sleet outside right now!)

Judy Streger

Very clever.

Brenda Bliss

I wanna be with your snowmen at the beach!!!!!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Love your snow people at the beach....the expressions are wonderful!!! Your pix brought a warm smile to my face!


Oh, you WERE snowbound and playing! And this is just the best. I have a big grin on my face right now. Very clever indeed, right down to the travel journal! Bravo!

Karen Owen

What a fun, fun, fun, imaginary trip!


more hahaha's! made me smile...you are so good at photoshop...i like the one of the smowman lying on the lounge......
...hmmm...maybe i'll go to the WARM beach today....

Jill Ongley

that snowman is me in about a week. can' wait!


So fun Joanne! I love the journal at the end! Great finishing touch! Clever girl!


Ha ha!! These are great... send some of those sunny rays this way! xo Deb (commiserating here in ice-encased CT!)


Great trip Joanne! Glad you found a way to warm yourself up :)


This is great. What a fun day you must have had ... arting and dreaming.

Andi Hinkle

What a trip! Wish I had gone with you...we've had more than our share of winter also...

last minute lynn

You are so cleaver! Even seeing warm photos is wonderful for my snowbound eyes to see! Wondering how I'll get to work as my neighborhood isn't plowed out...


hahahaha very clever Joanne...they definitely warmed my heart if not my feet and hands! Just think in about 3 weeks i will actually be on a beach like that..aaaahhhhh!

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