February 20, 2011


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Nellie Wortman

I love these, they are beautiful... great job!

Robin Orewiler

These are awesome! Can't wait to see them in your work.

EMily Fawley

Love your pieces Joanne. Those other students are getting an education...they just don't know it. They will think back to your art work and have an ahha moment. Stay true to your own style. Love the buttons and the beads.

Nancy B

I don't like tidy and perfect looking either. I'm loving your pieces!


These are spectacular Joanne! the faux bone beads are terrific. The hinged figure ROCKS! You are becoming a master with this clay. The imperfection of your work is what makes it most attractive to me. Hand made should look hand made. Polished, tidy and perfect can also be done by a machine...not my taste but I guess it is for some.


Well, you SHOULD be pleased and I'm more than happy to add my external affirmation to everyone else's! These are beautiful -- it's hard to decide a favorite because they are all different with wonderful texture and burnishing. I think you've just nailed a new creative outlet to add to your stash of talents. Bravo!


Joanne, your work is just awesome and I'm just totally impressed - you go girl! Diann

Karen Owen

Joanne, I think these are awesome! They have a unique, antique and slightly mysterious quality. I especially like the tube beads and making
Silver buttons is brilliant.


They are very beautiful pieces. I love your work and I agree with the others, they have he artist Joanne in them, which is what makes them soulfull, beautiful and "OMG I must own one of her pieces". If you started doing neat and tidy it wouldn´t be JTH art. And that is what we want. :)
I wanna sell your pieces in my store.
Love from Denmark


I love them all and wouldn't change a thing about them! Your work and your attitude are inspiring!

last minute lynn

Awesome work. You are truly becoming the button queen! Can you add them to garments and have them go thru the wash?

Jackie Smith

I love your metal clay work!! And I think it's wonderful that you don't conform to the mainstream! Your hinge is awesome and I am in love with those star buttons! I love each and every piece that you created! Stay creative and keep marching to your own drummer!


You are doing beautiful work. I am sure the others in the class were thinking they wished they had your vision. You are an inspiration to me in my art and my life. Keep on keeping on.
PS My birthday is coming up and I will be wearing my Joanne crown and feeling every inch loved.


I think your pieces are very cool. Especially the hinge and celtic hearts!


Joanne your pieces are vibrant and soulfull and full of vitality! They sing! Let them keep their perfectly polished, perfectly smooth store bought look alikes. I would go for yours every time. It has the had of the artist in them!


OMG Joanne! These are fabulous pieces! I love a more organic look like this rather than "finished" surfaces. Those faux bone beads are just killer!!! Great work, girlfriend! xo Deb

Kathy McElroy

I love your work Joanne. Your probably so above all the students in the class, you leave the instructor speechless. I would love any of these pieces. But I would only use them on something that belongs to me. I woulod never give them away. Keep doing what your doing. It's all marvelous.

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