February 04, 2011


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I was so impressed with the hearts you sent until I tried doing free form stitching on my new machine (after having to wait for the order for the special foot to arrive, grrr.) I want you to know that I am now beyond impressed. I am all the way to gobstopped. So far straight lines are challenging. Wait till you see what is coming in the mail and you will understand.

Karan Simoni

Wow Joanne... I am LOVIN' those hearts girlfriend! I love heart anything.... I am inspired to go make some myself... Thanks for sharing.


These are all way too cute and way too cheery! They just make me smile to look at them!

I swear, you almost make me want a sewing machine!


As always, your work is fun and fabulous! Thanks for sharing. Stay warm! xo

Karen Owen

I think keeping you snowed in is a good thing. Look at all the lovely things you've been making! I love the fabrics you chose for your hearts, and your stitching is wonderful.


Lovely Heart ART, Joanne! Jeri shared with me today just how thrilled she was to receive 4x4s from you! Who would not love these beauties! You go girl! Diann


I love these!

Robin Orewiler

All your hearts are wonderful!

last minute lynn

<3 <3 <3 <3


just wonderful

martha brown

I just commented, but pressed exit before the work verification came up.... doh....
Anyway -- I love these stitched hearts!!!

martha brown

Nice hearts Joanne! As you know, I love hearts too :)

Jackie Smith

Wow! The nasty weather certainly doesn't interfere with your creativity! I love all of your hearts! Great job on each and every project!

kathy mcelroy

all just lovely.

Danee Kaplan

Beautiful. I have come to the conclusion that my love affair with fabric equals my love affair with fabric so I want to do some combo of the two. Maybe you can show me how to do Free-motion embroidery on the sewing machine? Do you follow Jenny Doh's blog Cresendoh? I am sure you do- love her work.


Beautiful! Love the stitched ones ~

Angie Platten



I heart your hearts!

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