March 03, 2011


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Karen Owen

Stunning work! I'm working my way backward through the latest posts, but these would also sell as prints, I'm sure. The bicycle one is so cool!


These are great, I really love the second one!

martha brown

I'm so tired of waiting.... for winter to end, for the head scarves that I ordered a month ago on etsy to arrive, for Ray to come home......
(I especially like the middle photo here!)

Autumn Clark

I know that waiting game too, Joanne! Love the last one especially. Is that your home? Wonderous!

Jackie Smith

You're so good at this art form - and all of the others! One day I am going to learn Photo Shop! I enjoyed these lovely pieces!

last minute lynn

You waste not an artful minute! Love the middle composition!


A woman of so many talents!!!! Love that bike photo in particular... have a great weekend :0) xo Deb

Kathy McElroy

You are so good at paying with photoshop. I really love the second one. What needs repairing?

Judy Streger

I would have taken a nap while waiting for the repairman!


You've made good use of your time while waiting. Waiting for a repairman is not one of my favorite things to do.


Very fond of that bicycle especially. I find something compelling and full of energy yet sad about a bicycle in the snow.


Some people will never learn to put on their glasses and check what their fingers have typed. Should have read, all your artwork not all your photography. I really need some more coffee! Just noticed there is a little button where I could have PREVIEWED my first post...DUH Wanna chat about the effects of prolong sleep deprivation???


Joanne, I love your all of your photos but especially your photography and jewelry and stitching and crowns and collage and buttons... I am a fan for sure. These photos are lovely. Sorry to hear you are waiting for a repairman. Happy to see you are making good use of your time.

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