April 08, 2011


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joanna pierotti

I really love these dolls. It has been years since I've played with PMC. Do you have a kiln or did you use a torch?

Cat Dodt-Ellis

These are all so amazing, love the beautiful forms & texture that you created & the combination with polymer is excellent.....another merit badge for you! :)


Wow, so many fantastic things-- what is PMC ?? I love the pendants- and your doll is wonderful.

Marilyn Weyman Kegg

I love them all, but especially the doll. It's fabulous!

I tried silver PMC in a class at AU last year and discovered that it wasn't for me. But that gives me even more appreciation for the work of others! What you've shown here is so cool that it makes me want to reconsider PMC!


These PMC pieces are fabulous!


FABulous work!!!

Jackie Smith

What beautiful PMC work!! You are the queen of so many art mediums! Lilleth is such a creative soul and I look forward to seeing her friend/sister when you complete her. I have never seen metal clay wrapped into ribbons like that - love the uniqueness of it and all of the other textures that you created!


I love all of your work! You are incredibly talented. The goddess faces are just amazing.


I thought I liked your photography best until I saw these pieces. You are amazing. Love you and your work!

Kari McKnight-Holbrook

So creative Joanne! I love your expensive doll! She's worth every penny and more!


These are wonderful, JOanne, each and every one. But those Hearts dazzle and the doll delights!

Karen Owen

Joanne! These pieces are incredible. My favorites - if I were to pick, and it's hard - are the faux bone and silver beads and the goddess beads. But then that doll! It's truly amazing.

Christy Grant

Joanne, these are amazing! I ooohed over the celtic hearts and then it just kept going! Wow!

Jo Ann Grissom

Beautiful work Joanne, I love your doll! Looks like a fabulous class.


Joanne, each and every single one of these is delightful to look at. I can only imagine being able to handle them. The textures are divine. And well Lilleth is incredible. 7 inches!!! I think making her a friend is just the right thing to do!

last minute lynn

Your work is so fantastic. I'm glad you found some PMC pals to Guild with.

Judy Streger

You never cease to amaze me. Your PMC work is amazing. I'm wondering why you named the doll Lilleth. Have you been studying the Bible?


oh how yummy! your goddess dolls are so joanne and so wonderful....you MUST try bronze clay. trickier to use than silver, but once you have it down, you can make 10 times mores stuff for the same price as silver.

Sue Trump


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