May 11, 2011


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Jeffry Pullam

Hmmm... Finders Keepers, eh? The individual who would get your necklace and value your artwork is a pretty lucky person. The piecing went okay, and the red piece complemented the whole appearance of the necklace.


So sorry to hear about the loss of your necklace in the mail. Must be the same jewelry junkie who stole six pairs of sterling silver earrings made with lampwork beads that Jerry sent to Molly when she was living in Chicago. We have pictures but that is all. It is very sad. Somewhere someone is wearing your creation without permission and it will not bring them good karma. Need I make a doll to stick pins in?

Last minute lynn

Your addition is perfection! Britt will be thrilled. I didn't know your necklace was lost -I am so sorry to hear that.

Kathy McElroy

Brittney's necklace turned out so beautiful. I enjoyed working on it. Hope your necklace shows up. What a bummer.

Karen Owen

Your addition is the perfect touch. I love that shade of red. I am so sorry about the loss of your necklace.


Wow what an awesome necklace. I think you all carried out the theme quite well!
Hope your necklace turns up anyway....it is always so darn disappointing when things get lost in the mail. Where are they?????


Silly girl. You want cat hair? You should have told me and you'd have it overnight! Looks lovely with pug though! I'm so sorry yours is lost. Perhaps it's just delayed and will show up. One can hope.


Beautiful addition. What a shame about the loss of your necklace.

Judy Streger

Oh, dear, bummer about your necklace being lost. I hate when that happens. Your addition to Brittany's necklace is perfect and ties in so well with the other sections.


Oh this is so pretty! Perfect touch with the antique beads.

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