May 06, 2011


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Robin Orewiler

Great photos and I'm guessing the little birds are long gone. Neat story, though.


Cool! I can't wait to see the babies!


What a relief to finally see spring! These are simply lovely -- and that robin's nest with the eggs -- SO precious. Hope you took lots of pix! It will be fun to follow them -- I hope they survive the in-and-out of the door! Do you have a warning?!

martha brown

aaaahhhhh, spring... finally....... How are those birds doing?

Karen Owen

Beautiful tree, and thanks for the glimpse at the eggs.


What great pictures you took Joanne, love them!

last minute lynn

That nest and eggs are so beautiful. We mere mortals can't compete with Mother Nature in the beauty department.


Happy Mother's Day! The blossoms are beautiful and I've never seen so many eggs in a nest. So special!


Happy Mother's day to you and to the beautiful bird and her 5 beautiful blue eggs.. thanks for sharing the picture....

Judy Streger

It's about time. LOL Enjoy. Before you know it, we'll be complaining it's too hot.


We both seem to have spring on the brain. That nest looks awfully high up. How in the world were you able to look into it? A ladder, maybe? Tomorrow I'm finally breaking out the mower. Hope it starts.

Jackie Smith

How beautiful the blossoms are! Yay for spring! And the photo of the eggs in the nest is delightful! I look forward to seeing the babies!
And on a different note: I thought Mr. Food was everywhere - guess I've taken him for granted all these years.

Nancy B

Oh how pretty! I love your heart inches too! I was too busy to participate. Headed out for a girl's week at the beach next week. Wahoo!

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