June 05, 2011


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Love! Your whimsical stitchery is amazing. A super cool idea to also incorporate your vintage napkin.


Love your bag, especially the self-portrait. Very classy. And really, you can't have too many pockets!


Is there anything you can't do? And in the middle of the night, no less! I'm impressed!

Karen Owen

This is so cool! I love how you used recycled items, and your self-portrait is awesome.

Kate White

I like this idea of using old table linens for summer. Never would have crossed my mind, but it seems just right!

Kathy Mc

Beautiful work Joanne. Love it.

Angie Platten

AMAZING! Come over and whip a new purse up for me! I have the fabric just waiting! LOL!

Last minute lynn

That is the coolest thing I have ever seen! One side is elegant and the other whimsical. You are the most amazingly creative artist!!! I can't wait to see your bag in person.


Beautiful is right and time well spent I'd say! You are amazing m'dear!!


just gorgeous! and the self portrait- well it is wonderful...you need to do another one - hey, your whole family- and frame them!

Jo Ann Grissom

Beautiful Joanne, your self-portrait is wonderful!

Judy Streger

You are a wealth of great ideas and this is one of your best ideas yet. The self-portrait rocks.

Lorri Scott

Great self portrait! Beautiful purse, well done!


Darling!!1 And perfect for summer! Love the Buckhannon Napkin!!
hugs, Andi


Wow this is so pretty and artsy Joanne! What a great summer purse. Someone was just asking what to do with old linens! I will direct them over here for sure.


I love love love your new purse. And to stay up all night to finish it. I need some of your creative discipline.


You've done it again.......genius...!!!!!!

Beth Bricker

Joanne this is fantastic! The self portrait is great, and great use of recycled materials. Just awesome!


WOW! You go girl! This is awesome! VERY summery!. Can't wait to see it in August. :)


Oh my gracious, girl!! You've outdone yourself this time!! I LOVE this!! The self portrait is fantastic and the ingenious idea is awesome!! I love all things white and off-white and vintage and lacey and this just couldn't be more perfect!! Your talents keep on amazing me!!

Sue Trump

You are amazing! Wonderful job!!!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

What a beautiful summer bag, I love your self-portrait...nicely done!


Way cool, great recycling!

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