August 26, 2011


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Elaine Akers

Oh my, what lovely fused glass pieces. I have wanted a small kiln so I could fuse glass. Your necklace is lovely too. Wish we had great classes here...I'm jealous. :-)

Barbara Hagerty

...and now that I've gotten over the shock of realizing that we could have met, I've actually taken a look at the pics in your post. BEAUTIFUL! I love them all, especially the gorgeous orange and reds!

Barbara Hagerty

Joanne, I had no idea that you were at AU. How did I miss that? I live in Phoenix, not too far from the hotel where you all stayed! I didn't go this year, but I did drop by to say hi and meet up with friends who were there. I would have LOVED to have gotten together with you!! Maybe next year???


I would be pleased with the results as well. I've only fused a couple of times -- these really work for me. And I'm glad you showed a close-up of the necklace -- it makes me appreciate all the more the finished piece!

Last minute lynn

The inclusions are amazing. I look forward to seeing your pieces and seeing how you do that hand weaving. How clever of you to match your nail polish to the color of your camera.


beautiful glass pieces Joanne. what are the inclusions? brass? foils? and i loved your necklace that you showed finished on facebook. really lovely work!

Cindy Swan-Eagan

Very nice! The fingerweaving looks fun!

Martha brown

the glass pieces are wonderful - I can't wait to see what you do with them!
I'm also looking forward to the finished finger weaving pice. they are so fun to make!


Very beautiful! We are hunkering down here awaiting the hurricane, which appears to track right over us. Off to find my galoshes!! Xo deb

Judy Streger

I just learned of a glass fusing class which is being held locally at the end of September. I was toying with the idea of attending, but now I'm definitely going to sign up. Your pieces are gorgeous.

Cathwren Warner

Wow....looks like they were worth waiting for.. beautiful.


Great results! I love the fused pieces!

Lorri Scott

Nice job on the fused glass pieces, I especially like the heart one. I'm curious about the finger weaving technique you're using. Looks like you're doing a great job and love what you're creating.


Jackie Smith

Oooh! Gorgeous fused glass pieces! You know I am loving the shell ones! And your necklace is divine!! So rich with color and interest, just like you!!


OMGosh...this is going to be just beautiful...love the red color too and I'm really not a red fan...did I say it was beautiful! Diann

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