September 13, 2011


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Andrea Stork

Love your duster! You will feel fabulous in it.

kathy mcelroy

Hope your having a wonderful trip. Your outfit rocks!

Martha brown

Oh, this is fabulous Joanne!!!! I'm a bit behind on my blog reading :) I hope that you're having a wonderful time in Italy!

Jackie Smith

What an amazing project!! I love how you transformed a plain white dress into something so bright and fun and original - you are SO creative!! The "heart on your sleeve" is ingenious!! And of course your purse is gorgeous! Yay for you to be so independent and take a few days all to yourself! I look forward to all of your posts! Have a ball!

angie platten

Joanne! This is fantastic! LOVE your duster! What a fun journey you are on too! Wish I was with you!

Danee Kaplan

Joanne, Lovely work as always. I'm impressed you had the courage to make an altered dress right before you leave for a trip- sounds like you are like me and thrive on time crunches to get your creative juices flowing.

You like to Dye? I need help with dying velvet for a project. Do you think you can help? When you get back of course. Enjoy the trip!


Jo, This is stunning! I want to see photos of yo using it in Italy. Bon Voyage, my dear friend! xoxo


Honestly, you are so amazing, so multi-talented that I gasp! I love your purse and duster -- both are terrific! So creative! Have a glorious time -- I know you will!

Jill O

Love the duster! It's got a festive air which suits you perfectly. Have fun...and Bon Voyage!


It certainly IS all good!! Purse and dress are just fabulouso... safe and happy travels dear friend! xo Deb


-you will be the fasionista of Italy!
Seriously-beautiful work and can't wait to see your photos in your dresses touring everywhere! Have a fabulous time. ~Lou


The coat is terrific.... it's very you....terrific.


carol sloan

Well, well...aren't you the cat's meow?? What an awesome job! I love it! I'll raise a toast to you tonight with my vino. Have a great trip!


Your talents and creativity never cease to amaze me. And I think that Connie is wrong ... if you didn't have other - better - plans, you'd have knocked out at LEAST a dozen of these! ;-) Love that bag too.

Angela Hofffmann

Joanne it is brilliant!! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! Altered clothes are so fun to create and i am hoping this will be the first of many to come from you! Have fun on your trip and take lots of pictures...it may be years yet before i get the chance to travel to Europe...so i must live vicariously through my friends! ciao!


Wow, I am so impressed by your creations. That duster is awesome and I love that the shrinking caused more creativity! Looking forward to seeing your Itailian photos!

Cat Dodt-Ellis

Love your purse & that altered duster....OMG...it is totally gorgeous, if I hadn't seen your photo steps, it would be hard to believe it started as a white dress :)

Have an awesome vacation, can't wait to see your pix!

Maija lepore

Omg! It's amazing what you did with a plain white dress! Fabulous!! Has so much fun in Italy!


The purse & jacket turned out wonderful!!! HAVE FUN!


Have an amazing trip! I can't wait to see what you create with all the photos I know you will take. Both projects above are lovely!


Joanne!!! I am speechless! You are truly one amazing woman!! I love your duster and I think you are sooo brave to tackle making one!1 It turned out simply FAB!!! Love the colors, the fABRIC, THE LACE, AND THE BOTTON!! Have a grand time and Italy and I'll look forward to your posts!!
hugs, Andi


Ohhh that is gorgeous! Yes, you are quite a phenomenal seamstress! I bet if you weren't on you way to italy you'd have whipped out 10 of them....lol...have a marvelous time in italy.....


Impressive! You did a fantastic job. Have a wonderful and safe trip.

Last minute lynn

The duster is fantastic and will be great with your bag. Have a marvelous time!

Wow Joanne, it's amazing and absolutly beautiful. If you have time om your travelplans you should go visit Cavallino while om Venice. It's just across the inlet.

Wow Joanne, it's amazing and b


What a cool jacket! It turned out just great.
Have a fab time in Italy!

Joanne Huffman

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Judy Streger

Have a fun time in Italy. I know I don't have to ask you to take lots of pictures to share because I know you'll do so. Travel safely.

Di ;)

Oh have a wonderful trip! You'll look smashing in Italy with your new duds! Wish I could hide in your suitcase and join you! LOL!

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