February 10, 2012


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Lucy Donaldson

Lovely designs, mixing up necklaces is a great idea. I really love the mermaid, black and white the perfect combination.

Elaine Akers

Gorgeous jewelry. I especially love the mermaid necklace, but of course I love mermaids. Great job.

abby lazar

Fabulous jewelery...love the feel of them all. Too bad you don't create them to sell... Happy Valentine's Day,


Kathy McElroy

Wonderful work Joanne. They are all gorgeous, especially the last one. I think they look just as good, if not better than Deryn's.

Last minute lynn

As one who has been lucky enough to see the necklaces in person....they are fabulous!!!

nancy donaldson

FANTASTIC work!! i'll keep my eyes open for vintage findings for you, i love going to yard sales and fleemarkets


Love your beautiful jewelry! I've enjoyed a great browse-around your blog...now very talented you are my friend! Also love what you did in Photoshop with your lovely daughter and those lovely blue birds! Diann

Jackie Smith

amazing, artistic jewelry! i love them all! i can see deryn's influence for sure but your own eye for detail and whimsey are certainly evident! i especially love the mermaid one - i'm trying to figure out if the "leafy" chain is a bracelet or something else? can't wait to see photos of you wearing them. and i love judy's idea - what fun to add special pieces from friends to what you've already created!


yes yours IS full and rich! It is lovely! love your mermaid too. did you make her?
...and your beaded necklace is exquisite, too!
may have a job the end of march...i'll keep you posted.....


Oh, Joanne, I love them all, but that last one -- four, five, no, ten star!

Andi Hinkle

Joanne... I love it all but especially the vintage one! What a treasure! You amaze me!

Judy Streger

Your necklaces are incredible, over-the-top wonderful. I am especially loving your vintage necklace. If you bring it with you, I'm sure I can add some goodies to your necklace:-) How's that for a bride to come to NJ?


You mean, if I skip tv, I can make more lovelies? Your time was definitely productive.

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