July 31, 2012


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Elaine Akers

love your zentangles.

Karen Owen

I think you should be pleased. Love your free style.

Nancy B

Well, I'd be pleased too with all these great drawings! You did a great job!

abby lazar

Beautiful sketching, Joanne...sigh- I wish I could draw!! Well done!


Jane LaFazio

Yeah! you did fabulous. so glad you're going to keep it up.


Very impressive!! Keep on sketching :0) xo

Elaine Akers

Loved all your drawings, but the shells and feather were my favorites.


These are all so very good! I especially love the leaves on the page. I should try that technique. I've been trying to practice my drawing a little more at the lake with VERY mixed results. But you can't win if you don't play!

carol sloan

Great job Joanne! All you have to do now is keep at it...you'll just get better and better at it!

Jackie Smith

Wow - even more talent from you showing up here! I love each one but especially the first seashell and the leaves on the book page - I am so impressed!!


terrific joanne!! but i would have always thought you drew a lot.....you are such a good artist! say hello to jane for me - she has bought quite a few spirit descending necklaces from me! she convinced me to reprice them!

Martha brown

They look great! The top shell is my favourite :) such a fun class!

kathy mcelroy

Great job. Drawing is something I've never been able to do well.

Angie Platten

You did great!!!! And I enjoyed our quick lunch today. Good to catch up! I'll be around tomorrow morning so maybe I'll see ya'!


Great job. My favorite is the 2nd drawing of the sea shell. I'm taking a drawing class also.

Judy Streger

I'm impressed. You did great.

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