January 13, 2013


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Elaine Akers

Loved all of your drawings, but I especially love the angel. There are lots of very old cemeteries nearby ( Plymouth, Cape Cod, and here in Middleboro)I often go and photograph the headstones.

Jackie Smith

I admire each of your drawings! What is there to criticize?? You are very talented whether you work with clay, pencil, paints, fabric or any other medium. You are my hero!!


Well, I'm going to tell you all the things people have said about my weakly drawings. Don't be your worst critic. Don't let you beat down your work. I like them all -- and I'm especially fond of that angel. It's lovely. Now, onward to the next!

Chris Semelbauer

I like your drawings Joanne--much better than anything I could do :) Plus I love the colors!


terrific joanne! you just have to power thru self doubt....think of a nasty person you can't stand as the naysayer and tell yourself " i'll show you, you cockroach" ....

Jo Ann Grissom

Very nice work Joanne! I understand totally about the self-criticism! Thanks for the inspiration and reminder that we need to push through the self-doubt, and keep doing art!

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