February 04, 2013


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Elaine Akers

I think your drawings are good. Much better than I can do.Keep at it.


I wouldn't be so hard on myself! I'm pretty darned sure I couldn't even TRACE an elephant so well! And I like the energy in Jazz!


Wow Joanne, I don't know what you mean about most people, I'm impressed with your drawings fantastic job!!

Judy Brown

Dear Jo-anne
Likely most people are still stuck in your grade eight drawing class. I'm stuck in well..grade 3. So I really feel bad when I tell you how much I like your drawings, because you might think "who is this person to offer a verdict"?
Still if I could put my money where my mouth is I'd buy many of your drawings... and photos
Thank-you for beautifully, carrying on.

Judy Streger

Be still my heart. You know how I love elephants and this one is not exception. I love her. It is a girl elephant, right?


these are great joanne.....and you CAN certainly draw!


Your doing a great job. Love the sax and clarinet!

Barbara Hagerty

Your drawings are wonderful, Joanne! The saxophone caught my eye when I ran across it on Facebook. I didn't know at first that it was yours, but I loved it right away and had to see who did it! Bravo!

kathy mcelroy

I think you are a wonderful artist. Don't sell yourself short. Your already better than most artist I see on line that call themselves artists.

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