May 22, 2013


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Beautiful Joanne! I have a vintage kimono that Katie Kendrick gave me quite a while back. It was for using in art projects, but i's so gorgeous I could never cut it up, and it's still hanging in my closet. How cool that you were able to go to a fashion show while there and see so many gorgeous kimonos!

Elaine Akers

beautiful women and kimonos. When I was in junior high I had a Japanese pen pal. I loved getting her letters with photos of her country.

carol sloan

Great photos Joanne!

Jackie Smith

I love all of the kimono photos! Are most of them made from silk? Did you purchase any kimono fabric while there? Do the ladies wear special socks with a big toe separated pouch? Thanks for sharing!

abby lazar

What fabulous kimonos, Joanne. I didn't realize that so many women still wore them for everyday attire.

Nancy B

They are so pretty! I wonder what the thing that looks like a bag on their back is?

Judy brown

Thanks so much for sharing(and taking) all the photos of Kimonos. What luck! Getting to a fashion show.

Judy Streger

Very interesting. I thought kimonos were only being worn for ceremonial occasions these days. It's nice to see that the tradition hasn't been lost.


I just love the kimono -- and how lucky you were to go to the fashion show to really see the best. Kyoto was so lovely -- will I start to see a Japanese influence in your art now?!

Angie Platten

Stunning! Just stunning!

Jo Ann Grissom

The kimono and the women wearing them are all lovely. I love their elegant upswept hair with flowers and ornaments too. The photos are beautiful Joanne, thanks for sharing!

Last minute lynn

They are beautiful in the pictures and I imagine, in person, the fabrics are glorious. Do they carry things in the "backpack"?


wonderful, Joanne!

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