May 12, 2014


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carol sloan

This is beautiful Joanne! I'd love to see it in person.


This is so intricate and so pretty. I believe I would frame it and hang it some place where I would see it every day!

Judy brown

Absolutely lovely!!!
It's so admirable to finish such an undertaking and for it to be so beautiful...a coup!


Wow Joanne, this is stunning. I'm sure you must be so pleased!!!

Abby Lazar

It WOULD make a gorgeous wall hanging...sooo much work but oh so worth the effort!! xoxox

Marie Warner

To bead or not to bead. I think you did the right thing. It is beautiful. I want to touch it.


Nancy B

This is really a Wow piece! So beautiful! What kind of fabric did you use?

Elaine Akers

Well done! So beautiful. I'd use it as a wall hanging.

Jo Ann Grissom

Gorgeous Joanne, love the colors and all that amazing beadwork! Such wonderful textures. There's a lot going on yet it's still restful to look at, for me, I imagine a stream flowing through a forest.


I just love it when you do stuff like this. It is SO unlike me to do but the work is so beautiful and the colors so striking, I fall in love with it!

Last Minute Lynn

Fabulous-o-so! So beautiful!

Lorri Scott

Very, very cool!! Would love to see this in person! xo


this is so YUMMY! It would be gorgeous just framed....

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